The map to Toronto's creative community

No. 5

this one’s about conceptions of home


Wondering where you are?

a project? a collective?? a company...? tbh we haven't found one word to describe it yet.

Revibe Toronto is a project that celebrates and supports small-scale, local creators and entrepreneurs through our multi-faceted platform.

In everything we do, we showcase Toronto’s creative community and absorb some of the many risks and boundaries that folks in these fields often face.

We are map to Toronto’s grassroots, small-scale creative community - making it easier than ever to support local creators and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to use everything in our power to make the creative industries more sustainable for those who work/live within it.

How we do

On every level, we support local creators and businesses by absorbing some of the many obstacles, challenges and risks that arise in the small-scale creative industries. While doing this, we act as a map (of sorts) through which community members can access and engage with Toronto’s grassroots creative community.

We facilitate reflection on the world around us, finding that sweet, communicative middle-ground between sharing, listening and responding.